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When your company needs quality tape that can withstand many years of use, Eastern Adhesives is there to supply your business with the products you want. As a leading provider of tape products and tape converting services for multiple industries and countless applications, we offer our customers a wide range of tapes well-suited for both general use and specialized applications.

Whether your business requires standard double-coated tape or adhesives to meet special needs such as high temperature conditions or UV-resistant applications, we are able to ship to your company the precise product necessary for whatever you need to accomplish. We even provide custom-made tape upon request. Our standard products include:

Double Sided Mounting Tape

We supply double sided film, and two sided foam tapes to mount signs, pictures, lighting fixtures, alarm devices, and many other tasks for over forty years. The strongest double sided tape uses permanent adhesive. A differential version uses a permanent/removable adhesive for temporary applications. These tapes are in stock for one-day order turnaround.

Non Slip Tapes

Our 1216 black foam tape has an embossed finish is an anti-slip tape for use on table top displays, counter mats, and small appliances. Grit tape is used for sure footing in walkways, and stairways. It is highly wear resistant, and recommended for outdoor use. Supplied in rolls, strips, or sheets.

Acrylic Foam Tape vs Polyethylene Foam Tape

Polyethylene, Urethane, and PVC foams, commonly used for adhesive foam tapes, are all cellular foam products. If you have ever removed something attached with these foam tapes you know the foam splits (fails) and the adhesive remains on the substrates. Acrylic foam is extruded, and not cellular but a solid, strong, flexible acrylic. Since the acrylic does not split the full strength of the adhesive is realized.

Heat Resistant & High Temperature Adhesive Tapes

Our standard line of single and double sided tapes with solvent acrylic adhesives meet continuous application temperatures up to 220F. High heat tapes like Kapton and silicone high temp tape are designed to work in temperatures up to 600F. For example, our blue silicone tape is ideal for high temperature masking, with no residue when removed, and is perfect for a variety of electronics applications, and high temperature painting conditions.

All our products can also be tailored to your exact specifications. Our comprehensive tape converting services allow us to die cut and laminate the tape you want according to the measurements and volume you request. The result is a product that meets your company needs exactly the way you demand it while also being cost effective.

Double Sided Mounting Tape

Complete Adhesive Solutions for All Businesses

With nearly forty years in the tape converting industry, Eastern Adhesives has earned the trust and loyalty of businesses from every market. In that time, we’ve worked with countless customers to not only supply them with the tape they need, but also provide them with our recommendations based on our expert knowledge of our tape products and their specific properties.

Regardless of whether your business needs standard tape or more advanced solutions, we can provide you with the guidance necessary to select the best product for the job. Our industries served span over a wide range of company types and we are always eager to assist customers in new markets.

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