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Tape  Converting and Supply Services You Can Depend Upon

Tape Converting and Supply Services You Can Depend Upon

At Eastern Adhesives, we are specialists in adhesive tape products and deliver the tape converting services our clients need at a level of service that exceeds their expectations. Since 1975, we've dedicated ourselves to becoming a comprehensive provider of tape-related services. We offer close tolerance slitting, die cutting, sheeting, and laminating (ie. Applying double sided tape to your material to make it self-adhering) with VHB and other tapes. Choose from rotary die cutting for smaller sizes but higher volume parts, and flatbed die cutting for larger cuts but smaller volume runs such as VHB adhesive sheets for construction and appliance manufacturing.

As a result of our decades of experience, we've developed our company to have the capability to handle the demands of all our customers, regardless of their industry or order specifications. We accomplish this goal through our extensive service offerings.

Tape Products for Every Application

Eastern Adhesives offers businesses an incredibly diverse selection of tape products, assuring our customers that they always obtain the perfect tape for their adhesive needs. If you can’t find it through us, then it probably doesn’t exist. We keep much of our inventory readily in stock at all times so that we can pull products for our customers upon request. This allows for prompt tape converting and order fulfillment so that your business gets the product it needs when you need it.

Tape Converting for Your Business Needs

Our tape converting services ensure that the tape you purchase is customized to your exact specifications. From general use double-coated tape through specialty tapes, Eastern Adhesives is able to die cut, slit, and laminate requested products to perfectly fit the measurements needed. We perform these comprehensive converting services to ISO certification and are able to ensure total configuration regardless of order volume.

An Unparalleled Customer Experience

At Eastern Adhesives, we feel that we owe much of our success over the years to our company-wide emphasis on customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on not only being able to deliver businesses the exact products they need at affordable prices, but also in our ability to provide consultative services for their adhesive needs. If our customers are unsure what tape they need or how they need that tape converted, we will work with them to determine the best product and configuration for their needs.

If you need a custom-made product for your special needs, we’ll work with you to generate lab-made samples at no charge.

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